What is Ingots Tickets

Ingots is an investment product with floating profit rather than capital protection. The yield of the note is clear and fixed at the time of purchase. The settlement currency is uncertain, The settlement currency may be equivalent (USDT, BTC and ETH). When the bill matures, the settlement currency depends on the comparison between the settlement price and the linked price at maturity. Ingots is a short-term investment product. Its potential profits and risks are linked to Bitcoin (BTC). It can help you get higher returns in virtual currency investment. Here, we provide bill products with a holding period from several days to several months. To meet the needs of different investors for liquidity and risk.

Functions and benefits of Ingots Tickets

Effectively reduce the risk of Bitcoin fluctuation, with diminishing costs and benefits
Bitcoin holders can generate stable income without additional risks

Industry experts, easy and convenient
Information income
Avoid blindly chasing into the market
Low threshold for entering the market
No need for professional investment knowledge

Origin of Bit Tickets

Ingots is organized by a group of professional investors and senior executives of investment banks. With the application of blockchain, a mature and scaled virtual currency transaction has emerged, and the rapid development of the acceptance and trading volume of BTC and ETH has enabled investors to provide various virtual currency derivatives including virtual currency perpetual contracts, futures, options, etc. under the flexible and stable free trading around the world. Let the Group generate rich profit returns through virtual currency hedging and arbitrage strategies in the above mature derivatives markets and turn them into notes for investors to buy and sell

Types of bit tickets

Subscription Notes

Suitable for investors who want to enter Bitcoin market at the beginning

The subscription of notes allows investors to be linked to a price that is more than 10% lower than the market price of Bitcoin and can collect fixed profit returns together

Put Note

Suitable for investors who want to enter Bitcoin market at the beginning

The put note allows investors who already hold Bitcoin to regularly charge fixed profit income and reduce the cost of their buying price without additional risk, and can also earn a certain price difference.

Notes to bills (I)

Investment currency

The investment currency refers to the currency in which you purchase Bitcoin bills. This trading platform only accepts USDT as the settlement unit

Exp Date

The due date refers to the specified date for bill settlement. It is also the date when the proceeds of the bill are automatically transferred back to your wallet account

Yield (profit)

The yield represents the yield level of the bill, which was used to calculate the amount of money collected at maturity.

Annualized income (annual profit rate)

The profit rate displayed by BitNotes is calculated on an annualized basis. The annualized rate of return is a hypothetical rate of return derived from the rate of return. We assume that you will buy bills with this rate of return year after year. The calculation formula is annualized yield=yield/(due date today) * 365.

Notes to bills (II)

Linked price

The linked price is a benchmark price, which is used to compare the settlement price on the maturity date with the settlement price on the maturity date. If the settlement price is lower than the linked price, the product will be settled in the investment currency; Otherwise, the product will be settled in USDT.

Settlement price standard

The settlement price comprehensively considers the BTC-USD price of seven bill scale exchanges (Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Kraken, Huo Coin).

Settlement price

The settlement price is the 30 minute average of the settlement price 30 minutes before 16:00 (UTC+8) on the bill due date.